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  Workshops & Worship Ideas

*Workshop/Retreat Offerings.  Are you planning a retreat or luncheon program?  Please keep me in mind as a guest speaker or workshop leader.  My latest topics are designed at helping discern and live lives of meaning.  These topics can be tackled in depth over several days, or in an abbreviated hour-long type program.

*College-Age Workshop/Retreat Offerings.  Many college students face a real sense of anxiety when it comes to choosing a course of study or making career choices.  Through programs aimed at instilling peace in the decision-process, we'll visit about a spiritual approach to discerning vocational callings.   

*Lenten Worship Offering- A Way in the Wilderness I have prepared a worship service of contemplation, prayer, and music for the journey as we make our way into the wilderness during Lenten Season.  Based on my actual and spiritual experiences in the desert and the life-changing discoveries that came out of these experiences, A Way in the Wilderness offers a time of introspection and includes original music off "Seasons of Change" and "Follow the Light". 

*Wholeness and Healing Worship Offering.  Experience a new level of spiritual, contemplative worship.  Through music, prayer, scripture, silence, movement, and meditations, we will seek the healing that comes from spiritual wholeness.  I will work with your pastor or worship leader to design and lead this service, that is based on Taiz�-style worship.

*Musical Presentation.   Many inquirers have asked what it is that I "usually" do when I'm invited to offer a musical program.  There is no "usual," other than that it will be a worshipful time.  In the following document are some ideas that might assist you as you consider how I might best minister to the needs of your community of faith.

      (Click the document for more info about musical presentations.)


Contact me for additional information or to schedule a program.

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