12/01/19 – A New Beginning

I could talk about the fact that I’ve not blogged in nearly 10 years. I could talk about how “life happens.” I could muse about the significance of 10 years — how after 10 years, a squatter can obtain legal rights to property he didn’t own, or how every 10 years we take a census, a snapshot in time that gives us an accounting, and how I’ve come back into the blogosphere just in time to take an accounting of my own place.

But instead, I’m going to focus on the number 1. When we count, we begin with the number 1. When we delineate a series of things, we start with the number 1. Today is the first day of a new month. And it is the first day of a new season: the season of Advent: a time of hope, a time of waiting, a time of expectation, the first day of a new beginning.

And so it goes with me. Nearly a decade later, I’m embarking on a new beginning, so to speak, with a new website and renewed focus and intentionality with my ministry.

I look forward to being a more consistent blogger and to sharing all the ways I enjoy encountering God in this beautiful world. Feel free to look around, listen to my new music, and check out my older blogs. Don’t let the old dates on them fool you. God can still be found in them, even a decade later.

Grace and peace to you as you journey,

Yours in Christ,